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yep, its like that

April 29th, 2011 at 03:36 pm

I like quite a few others tivo'd the william and kate party. loved the dress and then spent most of the afternoon pondering the idea that the newly hitched couple never have to worry about money, careers or bills.... ever. I want that freedom. Its been so long since our money has been ours. Even better than that is the fact that I have been the sole money manager, brillant husband makes the dough and I make it into bread, only it turns out I cant bake. So I start small. I want to only use cash until the 15th rather I dont wish to be a contestant on beat the bank this month and in order to do that we have to track ourselves. still dont have a grand debt total, not looking yet. sad but true. Here is brutal truth #1. we have played the dont ask dont tell game at my house. my beloved knows we are in debt but doesnt really want to know...ya feel me? yep, its like that.

2 Responses to “yep, its like that”

  1. laura Says:

    been there - done that -- two years ago I was in the proverbial money boat by myself. DH is the primary breadwinner earning a living as a financial analyst dealing the millions of dollars that belong to other people (corporation). Did he care a bit about our daily money management? Nope. I suffered in silence, worried about things (despite not being overwhelmed with debt and keeping a budget and putting 10% into retirement). It all had to do with our lack of communication. We attended a Seven Steps to Financial Freedom Seminar offered by our parish. What an eye opener. We learned the skills to come to the table and have a shared vision of our financial life - he had great insight into options for funding college for five kids. We're much better off now. Good luck setting off jointly on a plan. You won't feel so lonely (I did).

  2. Jerry Says:

    I was wondering about that after seeing pics of the Royal Wedding, myself. These two have so few "real world" problems to deal with, but it seems that they will have other challenges and considerations that can lead to strain on a marriage. I hope that they are up to it, because the most recent examples have been pretty miserable. Then again, while there is no insurance in a marriage, at least these two seem to genuinely know and love each other. Hope springs eternal!

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