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May 18th, 2011 at 06:20 am

In my last post we celebrated a meager success in savings. In this post I get to describe our meager loss of savings (you're welcome). We had a surprise trip to the vet for the discounted price of $99 and a tire replacement of $140. We are in between spring and summer classes which means the additional teaching income wont be back until the end of june. We have $100 to last us until the 30th. The lesson we are learning is tough. Im not sure how to make such a small sum of money last, we are used to credit cards to pull us through but we eliminated those. Life 2. Tcats 1. we get one point for having money in savings to cover the vet. Life gave us a suckerpunch. its rude like that.

drum roll please

May 6th, 2011 at 06:08 am

Here is the first "official" we sat down and really looked report. Credit card debt 12243.. outstanding medical bills 2430. Car loan 3400. We have a mortgage but havent checked that balance and student loans. the good news is that we are current on all payments except the medical. Now mind you I had two major emergency surgeries last year so that figure is on top of what we paid out of pocket. I could take solace in the fact that our cc debt wasnt created by a shopping habit but I wont because here is the reality. we had to use them to cover emergencies because we didnt manage our money and had little to no savings. We have struggled to use cash only this week but it shows me our true attitude. We dont say no to ourselves - we dont set limits. For most of you that was a no brainer but when you hand over the debit card there is a true disconnect between how much your spending and how much you think you are spending. Our goal is small but we are going to save $50 this week. so lets recap..cash only spending (great start~crappy finish) putting 50 in savings (one small leap.....you get the idea)

yep, its like that

April 29th, 2011 at 03:36 pm

I like quite a few others tivo'd the william and kate party. loved the dress and then spent most of the afternoon pondering the idea that the newly hitched couple never have to worry about money, careers or bills.... ever. I want that freedom. Its been so long since our money has been ours. Even better than that is the fact that I have been the sole money manager, brillant husband makes the dough and I make it into bread, only it turns out I cant bake. So I start small. I want to only use cash until the 15th rather I dont wish to be a contestant on beat the bank this month and in order to do that we have to track ourselves. still dont have a grand debt total, not looking yet. sad but true. Here is brutal truth #1. we have played the dont ask dont tell game at my house. my beloved knows we are in debt but doesnt really want to know...ya feel me? yep, its like that.