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Who let the elephant in .

May 2nd, 2011 at 08:34 am

Im digging all the feedback and encouragement so Thanks! Its great to know other people have been where we are and lived to tell about it. So....we actually sat down and created a spread sheet for all our debts (aka the elephant). We have decided that on Sunday evenings after the kids are in bed we will open a bottle of wine and go over our speadsheet for the week and get on the same page. This week we started by talking about how the elephant makes us feel, then we moved to who actually brought the animal in- which we got a little heated but in the end we concluded that one of us held the door open while the other one pushed him through the front door and we both helped to keep him feed and happy. The tricky part is in trying to figure out how to release snickers (aka elephant) back into the wild. Do I finish my last semester at school (creating more debt) or go to work (requiring child care and more money we dont have). I feel like finishing school is my ticket to creating wealth and security not to mention the earning power to live well. This is where you experienced folks come in...what do you think? Im all ears and so is snickers.