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television smack down

June 2nd, 2011 at 02:18 am

have you seen the show "till debt do we part" For the most part I really dig the show, I enjoy seeing people regain control of their lives (I can relate) by making painful changes (Im trying to relate).The little part of me that loathes the damn show wants to know how in the hell people feel so poor at 80k a year, (yes, that is envy typing so furiously) enter clarity...in a not so distant past that was us. We lived ungratefully..declaring to the universe its not enough. constantly living beyond our means. We had adequate means and some how we always needed more. One career change later and we are learning the basics of life. I go back to an earlier post and say again its never about the money. Goal for this week is to put 50 in savings. Its summertime friends and adjuncts skip a few weeks in pay. the tcat's motto; what doesnt kill you makes you pissed.